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Double Trouble: Hiring and Being Hired

You can't have it both ways.

As an employer, you want the best person for the job.

As a candidate, you want the best job.

However, there is typically work to be done- both on the employer side and the potential employee side.

Neither likes to hear this.

If you are the employer, future candidates want to know:

  • What’s in it for me…outside of compensation?

  • Truly GOOD CANDIDATES want to know the ‘WHY.’ Why should they come to work with you and what will they get to do?

  • Who will I serve?

  • What will the day to day be like?

  • How will I be trained or onboarded to my new role?

  • What latitude will I have to work independently AND as part of a team?

  • And, perhaps the #1 concern I hear from candidates: Will I have flexibility to handle my obligations at work and home?

If you are the candidate, no matter the industry or level, you potential next employer typically wants to know:

  • How will you help me/us achieve our goals or further our strategic plan?

  • What value will you bring to us?

  • What challenges and problems will you solve for us? (Creatively.. that we haven’t thought about before?)

  • Will you have the drive to learn and understand ‘our way’ of doing things?

  • Will you take the initiative we need to get up to speed quickly?

  • Will you place nice with others?

Both the employer and the potential employee have things that are top of mind for them. So, each has an obligation to really dig into the interview ‘conversation, to listen, and to ask the RIGHT questions for each open position. Neither wants to join into a relationship that isn’t a good one.

So, employers- if you are reading this- PLEASE take the time to ask candidates the right questions and build out a job profile or job description. Be transparent. Be authentic. You cannot hire all candidates- of course, but you did just get to meet someone new who can then be a good voice or a bad voice for your organization.

Candidates- if you are reading this- PLEASE come prepared. You, too, should take time to ask specific questions and listen and share experiences about the particular talents the employer needs.

If you are struggling as an employer or a candidate, we work with both and would love to meet you!

Schedule your strategy session here now:

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