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Put Down the Hose: 5 Questions to Ask to Help You Work with Intention & Focus

Updated: May 3

Instant messages.

Calendar reminders.



Phone calls.


Knocks on your physical office door.

And on, and on, each day CAN go IF you allow it to.

Interruptions are a constant and are not going away until you actually decide- enough is enough.

Often times someone becomes my career client- not because they lost their job- but more often than not- because they are feeling burnt out and unfulfilled and trying to figure out: should I stay or should I go... to which I ask:

Are you empowered to change your situation? Why or why not?


What is the consequence of doing nothing?

At some point, it becomes critical to say' enough is enough' and to gain clarity on why you are doing all the firefighting and once and for all commit to putting down that hose.

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Why does my job exist?

  2. Am I able to use my strengths 80% of my workweek?

  3. What are my strengths?

  4. What are my core values? Are they aligned with how I get to work most days?

  5. How can I stop the interruptions and firefighting to get back to the core of why I am in this role in the first place?

We can either decide to build experience by accident; gain the wrong experience; or set ourselves on the path to acquire the skills, knowledge and experience we need to purposely plan and experience work in a way that sharpens our skills, enhances our strengths and in turn serves those we are intended to serve with conviction and focus.

If you have been struggling in your current job or experiencing that proverbial 'Sunday night dread' of returning to work on Monday morning, I'd be happy to listen and give you at least one actionable suggestion to try. Schedule your Career Strategy Session HERE now.

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