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Are you fired up?

Excitement. Joy. Harmony. Happiness. Passion.

These are all words that one might use to describe their passion or what gets them fired up... that is fired up in a good way.

I was coaching a client last week when I asked him what he was passionate about inside or outside of work? And he said, "You know... being organized, being on time." What? This is NOT your passion, these are values.

A passion is something that excites you, something you could go on talking about with no regard or care that people are listening (although that's not recommended- smile!) or often times- something you have a keen eye or ear for, something through which you always want to learn more about. Some passions are work related, some are not.

What is the saying... find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life... or something like that? For far too many people, this seems SO unattainable... like totally and completely unrealistic. And I ask, why? Why is it SO inconceivable to work your passion? Money? Fear? Time? Don't know how or where to start?

You know when you switch gears in your career or job- it doesn't have to be an all or nothing type of thing. Perhaps you volunteer 5 hours a week to feed your passion. Perhaps you get a part-time job for 10 hours a week/month in an area in which you're passionate about. It doesn't mean you have to starve and quit your full-time job. For many of us, that's just not realistic. I get it!

The first step is figuring out what your passion is and then taking action on it- even if it's just one small step, one small decision, trying one new thing. Folks- we've all got only this one, beautiful like to live. It's a gift. Today is just about more than half over by the time I post this. You will never be able to get back 2:30 pm on 2/24/2020 EVER AGAIN! NEVER... EVER!

If you're trying to figure out your passion or what you'd like to do next,

ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What compliments do you typically receive at work?

2. How do you spend your free time? Or, how would you spend any free time you had if you didn't have any other obligations on your time?

3. What TV shows, articles, newsletters, blogs, books, etc. do you read or subscribe to?

"Mission is a meeting between self and service."- Matthew Kelly, Perfectly Yourself

Someone once told me that to not utilize your passion, your gifts, your talents is to deprive others of what you can do and/or give to them. That has always stuck with me, even though my journey to work my passion has been anything but a straight road. However, it definitely sticks with me with through each opportunity to help me navigate- is this the next right turn for me? Or will this detract from my passion and is a mere distraction?

Stop wondering and start doing. If you feel like you could use a hand in brainstorming your next right steps, email me to schedule your complimentary consultation at It would be my pleasure to help you think about even just 1-2 things you can do to discover your passion.

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