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8 Secrets to a Successful Job Search

Agree or disagree: Life is about choices? Yes or No?

Agree or disagree: You are better served to expend your energy on what you can control. Yes or No?

For those I coach, we go quite in depth on the secrets to a successful job search. But for those of you that would like to go it alone, here are my 8 secret ingredients to a successful job search:

1. Self-leadership. I may be your coach, but you have to have the gusto within yourself to make it all happen. I cannot do this for you.

2. Focus and time management... AND I MEAN rock solid management of your time.

3. Positive attitude and positive self-talk.

4. Perseverance. What "gets your goat"? What motivates you? Put a picture of that in your workspace and carry on.

5. Develop a plan and work your plan.

6. Set and track goals. You don't fill your gas tank and drive aimlessly on a daily basis, so why in the world would you want to do that with your job search or your career?

7. Get organized. We all organize and think differently. Do what works best for you, but by golly- commit to some method.

8. Commit to succeed. Success is uniquely defined by each of us. There is not one unanimous definition. So, be sure to define what it is for you.

"Life is about choices. Focus on what you can control." Julie Shore

You can control your job search. The question is- will you?

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