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When Updating Your Resume, You Should Make Sure You Do These 5 Things (2023)

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Resumes should be strategic and purpose-driven documents that help you meet your goals. So, when updating your resume, please make sure you do the following things:

1. Know who You're Targeting

Make sure you know what jobs and industries you are targeting. Find industry-specific keywords or skill sets and list the ones you have.

2. Define Your Goals

Decide what you really want to do next in your career. Just because you’re comfortable in one industry doesn’t mean that's where you should be looking for your next job.

3. Identify Your Strengths

Write down your 3 to 5 career accomplishments. Next, identify the skills you needed for each one and write those down. Finally, see what skills overlap. THOSE are your strengths - be sure to highlight them using clear language when its time to write your resume.

4. AI-Proof Your Resume

Many employers use AI tools to help sort through the piles of applications at their door. Include relevant keywords, the job title you're applying for, and the company you are targeting in your resume. Doing so will help make your resume standout in the crowd.

5. Do your research

Research the job market you're applying in and make sure there is a market need for your position. You don’t want to spin your wheels, endlessly applying to jobs that don't really need your work.

If you follow this guide when you are updating your resume, you'll have the best chance of being noticed by employers.

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