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The 5 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Career Changes

As a recruiter and career coach for top leaders, I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals from across the country and around the globe. So, as we begin the new year, I thought it fitting to share five common lies that I hear from my clients, and how to loosen their hold.


"Now is not the right time."

There is rarely a right time. If you're waiting for everything to be "all together," you will likely be waiting forever. The "right time" is right now.

Many of my clients come to me after spending months deliberating and spinning their wheels. They have reached analysis paralysis. They are deciding if they should decide. That mindset is only going to frustrate you. Instead, be fully committed to the idea that now is the right time.

THE TRUTH: Your time is NOW if you just give yourself permission.


"It won't get better."

We often convince ourselves that we cannot make our situation any better, that we are not empowered to make real change. This is especially true in our careers.

We get stuck in a job we hate, but internalize the idea that there is truly nothing better out there for us. We believe that even if we changed careers, our lives wouldn't improve. This is simply not true.

THE TRUTH: There is something better out there for YOU, but you have to take action.


"I don’t have any skills that someone would want."

I hear this often from moms. They have been out of the support structure that comes with a good career for too long. Without it, it's easy to forget what they're good at because their day-to-day doesn't remind them of their value.

When I work with these clients, we do the hard work and dig into their accomplishments and transferable skills. Many of my clients have turned around and presented those skills to employers and found opportunities they never thought possible.

THE TRUTH: You have skills, and someone needs YOUR talents.


"I’m good because I’m comfortable."

Fine is not good. Comfortable is not good. "Settling" often means settling for less. If you allow yourself to slide into comfortability, you may be limiting your potential.

Don’t hold yourself back from sharing your talents in a great way. Seeking comfort limits your potential. Instead, find comfort in doing what you truly love.

THE TRUTH: You deserve BETTER than comfortable.


"If I leave, no one can do what I do."

This is the number one lie I hear. Let me ask you this: if you were to die tomorrow, would you not be replaced? Wouldn’t people just have to figure it out? We all want to be needed, but believing that there isn't anyone in the world who can replace you is a product of pride and fear. It's not the truth.


We burden ourselves with this lie, and take on a false sense of responsibility. We NEED to be the one to do this job because our company NEEDS us to handle it. In reality, your position can be passed onto another person, and you should feel no sense of obligation towards a job you dislike.

THE TRUTH: Feeling like no one can replace you is a product of FEAR, and shouldn't hold you back from moving on.

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