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Removing Distractions To Pursue Your Purpose

As a certified Kolbe consultant, I often view the world through the context of my MO. A person's MO, their mode of operation, describes how the person instinctively operates and executes their daily tasks, work and responsibilities when free to be themselves.

After taking the Kolbe A Index, I found that my MO is a 6842, which basically means that I’m a planner; I have a plan, and then I have a backup plan, and another backup plan just in case. After all that, I STILL might end up changing the plan.

Despite my best efforts, I still have to adjust appointments. I still have unexpected needs pop up from clients or otherwise that require me to shift my focus and shift my time, even if I've looked ahead on my calendar 100 times.

What doesn’t change is the vision and purpose of why I’m doing what I do as a career coach, team builder and a recruiter.

We have to learn to eliminate the distractions that come up and decide if they are worth our time and energy. That’s no easy feat - we are full of interruptions on a daily basis.

But remember - you are empowered to decide what interruptions are worth your time or not worth your time.

Many of you reading this may say, "Julie, I can’t control my schedule!"

I would instead argue that yes, you can!

We teach people how to treat us, we decide what gets our attention, and we control how we let others divide our time.

So the next time the unexpected happens, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Does it require attention from YOU?

2) Does it require attention from you NOW?

3) Can this be delegated to someone else?

4) Is the sense of urgency real?

5) Is it aligned with your overall purpose and mission?

6) Is there another option?

7) Can you just let it go?

Tired of dealing with interruptions at work or is dealing with the unexpected constantly stressing you out? Knowing more about the innate way you work could help you build a personal strategy for dealing with the unexpected.

You can learn more about the Kolbe A index here.

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