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How to Interview and Land a Summer Job or Internship


Job Interview

During the school year, being a student is a full-time job! But now, as summer approaches- whether it’s a first time job ever in high school, or a job right out of college or planning for an internship this coming fall or winter, we will prepare you with best class tools and strategies to help you ‘Ace’ your next interview.

This package includes:

  • Unlimited access to the How to Interview & Land a Summer Job or Fall Internship- For Students

  • Downloadable workbook to follow along and practice on your own.

Julie Shore, Recruiter and Career Coach, will help your student learn:

  • What to say and not to say

  • How to share their education story

  • How to answer the hard questions like:

    • Tell me about yourself.

    • What is your greatest accomplishment?

    • What are your strengths? Weaknesses?

    • Why should we hire you?

Student Strengths Coaching
(ages 13-21)


School is typically taught in one way, but your student may learn innately another way.  Learn what’s great about your student and how to be an advocate for your student as well as enable your student to ask for what they need to do their best work and reach learning goals.

This package includes:

  • 1 Student Aptitude Quiz to understand your student’s innate way they learn, work and focus

  • 1 Parent Guide

  • 1 45 minutes coaching session

  • Immediately actionable tips for studying and getting things done- for students and parents

Introductory Student Career Launch Package
(ages 13-21)


Figuring out next steps after high school is hard.  Empower your student with knowledge sooner than later. 

Your student will receive:

  • Student Aptitude Quiz- to understand your student’s innate way they learn, work and focus

  • Op-Gig- career assessment tied to more than 1,200 jobs tied to their innate talents

  • 1 45 minute coaching session

  • Immediately actionable tips for studying as well as focused suggestions for further career exploration

Multi-Session Student Career Exploration


College is expensive.  So, if you are going to invest in your son or daughter's future, it's helpful to have a few clear career options to explore.


Package includes:

o   3 Assessments: Kolbe Student Aptitude Quiz, Op-Gig and one other based upon student's needs

o   3- 45 minute coaching sessions


Please note: coaching is from employment perspective, not of that as an educator.


Participant must be 18 years of age or older or must have written parental consent prior to coaching. Sessions may be conducted virtually through Zoom or in person.


30 Minute Call with a Career Coach


Looking for actionable career tips? Unsure how to move forward in your job search or how to identify other career options? Wish you had the ear of a recruiter or HR professional who would give you REAL, honest, actionable advice?


Well now you can have that PLUS the expertise of a career coach- all in 1!


Schedule your 30 minute call NOW with Julie Shore.

Walk away with actionable tips and ways to jump start your job search or get back on track with YOUR personalized, next right steps in YOUR career journey!

Take the Kolbe A and Understand What It Means!


Take the Kolbe A index (your innate striving talents) and receive a personal one on one interpretation along with immediately actionable tips you can take to improve communication and getting more done!


  1. Kolbe A index

  1. 30 minute interpretation

Know Your Talents & Lower Your Stress!


Take the Kolbe A index (your innate striving talents) and B index (your perception of your talents or what your job is requiring of you) and receive a personal one on one interpretation along with immediately actionable tips you can take to lower your stress level at work. 


Learn how to ask for what you need in order to do your best work in your current job or lay the foundation for a productive job search!


  • 1 Kolbe A index

  • 1 Kolbe B index

  • 45 minute coaching session

Focused Career Coaching Package


Tired of being miserable at work?  Don't you owe it to yourself to be in a job YOU LOVE and a career that is aligned with your values?


Stop lying awake at night worrying and take a step toward making your life better!


This package includes:

  • 1- 45 minute coaching session via Zoom on a topic of your choice: interviewing, branding, networking, etc.

  • 1- Kolbe A Index

  • Through an interactive Q&A, you will walk away with tangible steps to take to move your further in your job search.

  • Have a Job Search Action Plan template to implement so you're not wasting time and energy.

  • PLUS- 1 month access FREE to the Career Journey Playbook


Upon purchase, coaching must be scheduled with 30 days. 


***My promise to you: if at the end of the coaching session you did not find the information discussed valuable, I will provide a full refund.  No questions asked.

Teacher Destress Coaching Package


Teachers are super heros, but also human.


Have you reached a point where you feel a little burnt out?  Perhaps a lot?


Do you feel like there is always SO MUCH to do and so little time?


Do you want to continue to make a difference in students' lives, but aren't sure how much more you can give?


We can help!  We have coached lots of teachers and helped them to identify their natural way they work, what they value and provide tips and tricks to help them get more done to maxmize their energy- at work and at home- both mentally and physically.


Here is what you will walk away with:

- Knowing the natural way you work (Your Kolbe A result)

- How you feel like you need to work (Kolbe B result)

- Clarity on your values and what matters most to you

- A step by step action plan to get more done in less time

- Communication techniques when working with parents, colleagues or students who are different than you


This includes 2 private one on one coaching sessions.


Team Communication Coaching- For Companies


Work with someone where you just cannot seem to get along?


Worse yet- working remotely has presented additional challenges?


Learn your natural talents through the Kolbe Program, and a one hour coaching session with Julie Shore, and in turn- how best to communicate with one another.


Package includes:

2- Kolbe A indexes (Retail $55/each)

2- Kolbe A to A comparison Reports (Retail: $28/each)

1- Hour coaching with Julie Shore, Kolbe Certified Consultant

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