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Your Greatest Accomplishment

This past week, we had a booth at the 72nd annual FBLA State Conference in PA. At our booth, students learned about what we do as recruiters and career coaches. Students also spun the wheel and either won a small prize- like a pen, sticker, candy, etc. OR an impromptu, on the spot interview. It was funny to see- some students shied away from the interview, while others wanted to return their prize because they really wanted the live interview. 😊

This is not unlike a workplace. You have more outgoing individuals who are ready to take what comes their way, perhaps they are even a bit more outspoken. But, you also have more quiet employees that can be at times overlooked or viewed as not caring. Not so. Instead, their approach may be more pensive; they may simply need more time to think things through.

One of the interview questions we asked each student was, “What is your greatest accomplishment thus far in high school?” Some could answer readily, while others took more time to offer an answer.

This is not unlike adults with a lot of work experience. I coach many individuals either in their current roles or those looking potentially for a new one and often they are stumped by this question.

Your accomplishments represent your proudest moments; times when you added value; or impacted others.

It’s what you did when your energy was highest, you received compliments and you felt like you added value.

No matter if you’re in the job market or not, make sure you can write down your top 3 accomplishments for the past 12 months. If not, you may want to think about what value you are adding in your current role. Why? Why not? And, are you empowered to change your situation?

If you're looking for some extra guidance, I'd be happy to chat:

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