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You Just Might Need a Career Coach If...

If you’ve been at this job search thing for a while, and not getting where you want to go, you might just need a career coach if:

You are applying for endless jobs and not getting any calls? Could be your resume.

You are getting interviews, but never any offers? Could be your interviewing.

You are you lost and unfocused on your job search? Could be you don’t know what you want and you’re not committing enough time to your search.

Did you know that the successful job seeker spends an average of 18-24 hours per week on their search!

How much time are you spending?

Well, it’s pretty simple. As I tell my clients, I don’t think anyone wants to be a “professional job seeker.” That’s where I come in.

I know what works to help people navigate their career journeys.

I know what doesn’t work. And YOUR time is valuable.

As a coach, I:

- Share best practices.

- Facilitate career exploration on your career journey with pointed exercises and assessments.

- Help you map out an action plan with timetables.

- Hold you accountable for what you say you want to achieve.

What else does a career coach do?

- I’m a catalyst and a facilitator.

- I help you find and support your commitment to following your passion.

- I push back on you to think, re-think and think again your course of action.

- I act as your guide to help you recognize your goals and what’s important to you.

- I help you build a personal career development or job search action plan.

- I facilitate self-discovery, transformation and plan execution leading to ACTION.

What do you get?

- Clarity on who you are, what you’ve accomplished and what you want to do.

- An understanding of how to market yourself, find and land a job you will love.

- Ability to manage your career going forward.

- Improved overall quality of life as you learn to spend your time on more focused, purposeful job search activities.

So the saying goes- I will teach you how to fish, not give you the fish.

I am your “guide from the side” but also your accountability partner.

Let me ask you this- how long have you been thinking about a job change?

And why haven’t you made it happen? Don’t say COVID- that’s an excuse. I’ve helped more than 87% of my clients land their next job in less than 2 months for the past 6 months. The other 13% are not actively engaged in the search process.

You’ve got to start with the end in mind.

By when do you want, not wish, to be in a new role?

Now back that up. Did you know it could take @ 4-10 weeks from an interview to actually be in your first day of your new job? Think about it.

Time is money.

I am here to help the people who want to be helped.

I do not have a crystal ball, but I do have more than 25 years’ combined Human Resources, recruiting and career coaching experience. I coach virtually across the US, internationally- by phone or Zoom video conference.

I help with:

- Resume preparation to beat ATS (applicant tracking systems) and AI (artificial intelligence)

- LinkedIn profile reviews

- Networking

- Interviewing

- Negotiating your best offer

- Assimilating into a new role

So... if you’ve been at this job search thing for a while, and not getting where you want to go, you probably need a coach!

Stop waiting and hoping, and start doing. Book your complimentary strategy call today. It's just 15 minutes, but 15 minutes that could change your path for the better! There is no obligation after that. I'm here to help. Will you take me up on it?

I look forward to meeting you!

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