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You are a Genius!

When you take the time to be fully present at the water cooler, you’re a genius.

When you give your full attention to someone you’re speaking with on a video conference, you’re a genius.

When you put aside 10 minutes even though you REALLY don’t have the time to really listen to a team, member, colleague or coworker, you are SUCH a genius. Why? Because you get ‘it.’ You get coaching.

Cultivating relationships and productive human interactions are the lifeblood of achieving goals, and ultimately successful strategic plans in any organization. So even taking a few minutes out of your day to have a simple conversation can be very meaningful and actually can be coaching, although not planned and not expected.

Who have you coached this week without even knowing it? Who will you give your time and attention to for just 10 minutes, unscheduled, next week? Challenge yourself to allow for the space to truly listen to someone and allow someone to talk through a thought or idea. It’s really that simple. It’s a basic retention strategy. Although not new, it is quite ‘genius’ in today’s overstimulated, technology driven world.

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