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I feel disconnected.

It's not the same- working from home.

My boss never has time for me.

According to an article published by Employment Hero in November:

- 30% of employees are active/continue to look for a new position

- @ 63% of companies are having a hard time keeping employees vs. hiring them

The full article is here:

So, business owners and team leaders alike are struggling with how to engage their teams as working from home becomes the new commonly accepted norm in many areas of the US and in many industries.

It's funny- I've been working remotely for 18 years. And as an employee- it was tough because I had little ones at home at the time. I had to make sure they were quiet during phone calls (no Zooms back then) and make sure I had dedicated time where my kids were covered. And I did that. If they took naps, I worked. When they were in bed for the night, I worked. I got up at 5 am, and I worked.

Now with the pandemic, a lot of the prior "norms" for working from home have fallen by the wayside, and yet employees feel disconnected.


Are some people just not wired to work from home? I get that... a lot in fact. Some of my business clients have found some employees to be crazy productive working from home, and others have found grave inefficiencies emerge from once formerly productive, in office employees. I know when I used to have to go into an office, I'd pretty much chalk up the day to a loss- a day full of meetings without outcomes, and not being able to really get work done- at least not the way in which I was accustomed to and worked best- working from home- uninterrupted.

But the way I work best isn't necessarily the way others may work best. How do I know that? Read on...

Some may think it's strange; I don't really. And here's why.

First, I believe some people have instinctive talents that enable them to work a certain way. If I wasn't productive working from home, it wouldn't have lasted very long in addition to juggling my at home responsibilities. I set boundaries. I blocked my calendar. I was super organized and still am today. I know that I need blocks of uninterrupted time to work best. I know my most productive time of day is in the morning. My values were aligned with the clients and/or employers I worked with along my career journey. And when they weren't, I owned my career and made a change.

Second, people's needs, values and beliefs evolve over time. Likewise, so do an organization's. Some companies restructure every year; others, not quite as often. And so I think the pandemic has taught us that agility, planning for the unexpected and solving problems creatively are super important- and are needed skills in today's world of work- no matter if you're seeing people in person daily or work