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Time for change

Ever have that nagging dread on a Sunday evening... dreading the stroke of midnight to trigger a new workweek? Do you find yourself constantly living for the weekends? Daydreaming or worse yet planning your next vacation on work time?

Then, allow me to offer a few observations:

1. You're not engaged in your current job. Is it because you're bored? Not challenged? Not interested? Too easy?

2. It could be time to assess your career goals. Why are you in your current job? How long have you been there? Do you even like your profession or what you do day in and day out? Is it fixable? Is it worth a conversation with your current supervisor? Or, have you been there and done that?

3. It could be time to ramp up your LinkedIn profile and dust off that resume. Outside of a few professions and career fields, these are 2 tools you will want up and running, polished and shiny- even if you don't think you will be making a change soon.

4. 2,080- this is the average number of hours many of us spend at our jobs per year. Don't you think it's worth spending that time doing something you love?

I'm available for a complimentary strategy session. All you have to do is schedule it.

As a business coach of mine once said, I will leave you today with this thought:

"Life is precious. Don't waste a drop."- Rob Berkley

What drops have you been wasting? It's never too late to refocus and realign. You just have to decide and take one step toward a change. I dare you.

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