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Tick tock, tick tock...

We are almost at the close of another summer season. Everyone always asks this time of year: where did summer go?

Really it should be no surprise. Right? The calendar is the same year after year.

But, why does time seem to move so quickly? I often hear that comment as well. Is it because we are all juggling so much all the time? Is it because for some of us we are juggling household responsibilities as well as professional ones? Is it because we are overbooked and overscheduled while at the same time underrelaxed with little down time?

Why is this? Who does this to us? Is it our kids' clubs? Is is the schools? Is it technology? Gosh- we could debate this until the cows some home (sorry- a central Pennsylvania saying); however, the fact remains- many of us feel that life is just passing us by and much too quickly at that.

So, how do you stop time? How do you slow down and really smell the roses?

Here are a few suggestions to ponder:

1. Look at your week ahead. Is there anything you can cancel, reschedule or not participate in?

2. Have you said no lately? Why not? I used to be addicted to volunteering and saying yes. I was an admitted people pleaser. Some may argue I'm still recovering, but nonetheless... I'm a work in progress.

3. And this one is magical... what do you value? What is REALLY important to you? If you don't know, you REALLY need to schedule time soon to evaluate this. Everything you do should be congruent with what you stand for and what you value. If it's not- if you're unhappy with your job, your life as it is today- take a step back and ask yourself- come push or shove- what are the top 5 things I value most? Is it your job? Is it your family? Is it your faith? Is it spending time with those you love? Is is your career? Regardless- if you are spending time with or doing things that are not aligned with what you value, STRESS ALERT... yes- that is the route cause of your personal stress.

And it's hard to address personal stress without it flowing into your work life... hence your job and your career. If you are in a "corporate" job where you must report in by 9 am and stay until 6 pm, yet you really want to be able to see your son or daughter's sporting event and are frustrated that you only keep catching the tail end of it, you just might owe it to yourself to re-evaluate why you are in the job you are. Are there other flexible options? Is it a matter of a simple conversation with your boss about having flexible start/stop times during a a particular season?

I challenge you to evaluate your current situation. Talk with a friend, a spouse, a family member. There are always options for different paths and choices. But, only you can determine if you're ready to explore.

Don't let another season tick on by. Fall is around the corner.

What would you love to do this fall that you haven't been able to do in a while?

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