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The Career Roller Coaster

The job hunt is just that. A roller coaster. Thinking about a career change can also be a roller coaster of emotions.

One thing I often hear in hesitation from my clients is, "but what if the new job is worse?" But my response is what is the new job is not worse?

Often times your mindset keeps you back because you feel OK or comfortable, and you talk yourself into being strong enough to handle anything that comes your way day in and day out in your current role.

None of that will change if you don’t take intentional action and here are the five things you must do to get off this roller coaster.

One: explore your options. Two: commit to your values. Three: begin to have conversations to explore any notions or ideas you have. Four: get your tools in order so that you get noticed. Five: be ready because you don’t know the day, the hour, or the time when you’re going to be reached out to by a hiring manager or recruiter. You don’t want to be unable to move forward because you don’t have the proper tools.

I once heard a quote: "There are three types of people in this world. Those who want things to happen, those who watch things happen

and those who make things happen."

Which will you be this week?

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