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The Career Crystal Ball

Don't you wish there was such a thing?

I always tell my clients up front- I do NOT have a crystal ball to tell you what to do or should magically happen next in your career.

However, we work together to identify interests, skills, patterns and options to provide tangible next steps in their career journey.

Did you know that approximately 70-80% of jobs are found through networking?

Even with more job openings than qualified individuals and fairly low unemployment as I write this, study after study shows that employers prefer to hire from referrals and likewise- potential employees are looking for an 'in' versus applying the traditional way.

Speaking from experience, I only landed one of my jobs through a traditional job board. One in five! The rest were all networked and/or created opportunities. Yes, that happens and happens often!

So, while you or I may not have a crystal ball to tell you what you should do next, here are 5 things you can do to help you move one step closer toward your next career move:

  1. Conduct informational interviews. Ask people in careers you like or are interesting to you about their career journey and what they see are your transferrable skills.

  2. Follow target companies or organizations on LinkedIn. The more you read, the more educated you will be on your potential target next roles.

  3. Document jobs you see on job boards or hear about that peak your interest. Is there a pattern emerging?

  4. Think about your last 3-5 jobs. What did you like? What did you dislike?

  5. Schedule time to focus on your career exploration each week. Make it a habit.

If you'd like to learn more or feel like you could use some additional insight, I'd love to chat and help you brainstorm ideas for your unique situation.

I offer only 4 complimentary strategy sessions per week and they do fill up quickly.

So, don't delay. Schedule yours now:

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