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The 2 Biggest Interview Mistakes

Yes! 👊 You've gotten that invitation for the telephone interview📞. Your resume has done it's job: to peak the interest of a recruiter, hiring manager or potential employer.

Now what?

Well, 2 things:

  1. Do NOT stop your other job search activity.

  2. And prepare for the phone screen.

At the same time? Yes, at the same time.

Often times my clients come to me after many failed interview attempts. 😞 They either cannot make it past the phone interview or they seem to make it almost to the finish line- but never have an offer.

What is happening?

While I cannot generalize your specific situation as you read this (we'd have to chat a bit first), I can share the 2 most common mistakes I see (both as a recruiter and a career coach):

  1. Talking too much. As a recruiter/career coach, I conduct several interviews a week and experience first hand- the candidate over-sharing either non-relevant information to the job, or not really listening to the question I asked, or really not saying sharing specific details yet just talking. Perhaps it's nerves; perhaps it's not listening.

  2. Lack of preparation. Even though the job market is ripe with lots of opportunity, job seekers are still not preparing. You need to really take the time to study your own experiences and discern what is important to share and relevant to share based upon the job at hand.

👉It's not about you. It's about them- the potential employer.

What can you do?

  1. Review the job posting in depth.

  2. Research the organization- not just their web-site- but in the news, their social media channels, etc.

  3. Practice.

  4. Practice listening.

  5. Prepare examples of your experience to share that are relevant to the job at hand- not just what you would like to share.

  6. Ask thoughtful questions like, 'How does the team interact on a day to day basis?'

If you've been getting interviews, but not moving forward in the hiring process, we should chat. I have a few complimentary strategy sessions available each week.

👉 Here is the link to schedule yours:

I once heard a saying: there are 3 kinds of people in this world. Those that watch things happen; those that wished things happened; and those that make things happen. Which one are you?

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