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Are you a self-leader?

Do you:

1. Care enough about your current job to ask questions when you don't understand your role or responsibilities?

2. Do you volunteer to get involved in projects or committees not required in your role?

3. Do you have healthy boundaries at work and in your personal life?

4. Do you know how to ask for what you need in a respectful way?

We are all more than our jobs. And neither your job nor your job title define you. Instead, I challenge you to embrace your self-leadership.

Embrace self-leadership in all you do- at work, at home and with your hobbies. Otherwise, what's the point?

How are you utilizing your self-leadership to direct your own destiny, your own career? Self-leaders are continuous learners, always hungry to do more and learn more in some way... a little bit at a time.

What's on your list to learn, do or explore next? How will you differentiate yourself?

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