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Shift Your Focus to 'THEM'

I often hear from my career clients before they engage with me one if not many of the following statements:

  • "I've applied to 5 jobs a day and hear nothing... crickets."

  • "I've sent emails to recruiters on LinkedIn and I hear... nothing."

  • "I'm open to almost anything, but cannot get any interviews."

  • "I make it to the final round of interviews, but never get the job offer."

While this can be SO deflating for sure, it's not about attitude; it's not about grit. Rather, it's about THEM!!!

What do I mean- them?

What I mean is... even despite years of being in a tight market, employers want to resoundingly know:

  • What value do you bring, aka what can you help them with... like 2 yesterday ago?

  • What problems can you solve for them, aka... what creative strategies and ideas can you implement for their continuous issues?

So, you have to shift your focus to the employers. Think about what they are looking for; think about sitting at their desks, in their shoes.

Generally speaking, employers are looking to hire the most suitable candidate for the role, the team, the supervisor, the people they serve and who aligns with their culture best.

How can you be the solution? Do you know how to articulate that?

Take a moment to think about this, or write this simple question down.

Job seekers: although difficult to hear or perhaps it may sound unkind, please know my advice comes from a deeply kind place in my heart as an HR practitioner, recruiter and career coach. It's not that every organization does not want to hire you, you are most likely just missing the mark in your messaging.

Further more, you are missing SO many opportunities in the market place is you are not doing this one thing: NETWORKING!!!

-->TIP: Not sure where or how to start networking? Download your LinkedIn connections to begin to build your outreach strategy.

More jobs, like 65%+ are found and job offers made as a result of networking. When you simply apply to job after job with little to no care or effort, you are simply going to get back little to no care or response.

Download our Job Seeker Checklist here now.... if you have been frustrated and spinning your wheels in your job search.

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