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Just figure it out...

In honor of Father’s day weekend, I thought I’d share words from my grandfather, Grandpa Joe (a retired Air Force and Southern Bell HR Executive who passed away in 2008 quietly in his sleep at the age of 90) that still ring true for me today. To make a long story short, this was the pivotal point in my career where I was deciding to leave corporate America after our now eldest daughter (about to turn 21) was born.

I was completely torn- should I stay or should I go? I had this new role as a new Mom and a newborn, and yet I also had my ‘Work Julie’ identity- at the time as a HR Manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers. I was completely and utterly torn. And, as I was speaking to my grandfather that Sunday evening before I was to return to work that follow day after a leave of absence, Grandpa Joe, he simply said to me, ‘Julie- you’re smart. Just figure it out.’

Not novel, not unique- not even that inspiring at the time- just short and sweet and direct. But, I thought, I prayed and I slept on it and I trusted my gut at the time which led me to walk away and begin 20+ years ago to build my coaching/consulting skills. I have no regrets. Was it a hard decision? Of course it was. But, I’ve never looked back.

Grandpa Joe’s words were not revolutionary, but pointed. And to this day, even when I’m unsure of my next move professionally- whether it be a marketing initiative, a tricky client or more, Grandpa Joe’s confidence in me still rings true. I’m human. You are human. Do I make mistakes? Sure I do. Do I vow to learn from them? Yes! Absolutely!

Despite all of your experience and expertise, cut yourself some slack and above all- give yourself time to figure out whatever challenge you are facing. I believe in you.

So, this Father’s Day weekend, I especially want to thank all of you who are reading and serve as a father figure to anyone in your lives. Thank you for all you do, thank you for being understanding and we celebrate you. Your words and actions are significant to those whose lives you are a part of- now and in the future.

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