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Invisible or Invincible? Which Are You?

When I walked away from my corporate job, almost 21 years ago, I have to say I felt slightly invisible. Over time, I realized I began to feel more invincible once I identified a market need, recognized my value, and found a way to merge the two.

When I work with clients now as a career coach, they often toggle between two feelings: feeling invisible or feeling invincible.

My goal as a career coach is to get them over the bridge of indecision - to get them to feel more more invincible. Here is your step-by-step checklist to determine if you’re feeling invisible or invincible in your work and personal life.

Which are you?


  1. You are blindly uploading a version of your resume and applying to jobs based upon a strategy of hope and optimism.

  2. You have moved almost in a zombie like state from one job to another simply because you were approached and thought, "Why not?"

  3. You have tried to voice feedback at work, only to be dismissed.

  4. You don’t really know what matters to you at this point in your career.

  5. You are blindly loyal.


  1. You know your worth in the marketplace.

  2. You know what skills are in demand.

  3. You have identified your transferable skills.

  4. You know careers that align with your strengths.

  5. You are spending time deliberately on your career development and planning your next steps with purpose and passion.

If you want more for yourself and your family in 2024, think about different career options that may come your way this year. One of my mantras is that life is about choices, and you have to focus on the choices you can control. Where and how you use your talents is within your control.
Will you be invincible or invisible in 2024? You get to choose.

Been wanting to level-up your career and think about your next career move? Looking for an objective perspective on your next career development steps?

Let's chat. You can schedule a FREE career strategy session HERE now:

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