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In the net

I was waiting in the school parking lot to pick up daughter from track practice this morning, and across the way was a soccer net. It got me thinking.

Have you ever considered the purpose of a net? So whether it’s the net of a soccer goal, the net of a lacrosse goal, a basketball ball net, the netting on a skimmer in the pool to pick up debris, or a net to catch fish or maybe even a butterfly… The purpose of a net is to precisely catch something or make a very pointed shot.

But it's all about the aim, the focus, the fire, the technique, which athletes and sports men and women have to perfect.

So, what are you aiming for or trying to catch in your current job or career?

Why are you where you are?

Have you been intentional this past week with your time, your focus,

your strategy and your techniques?

If not, why?

Too often, we simply go through the motions of our day and our work.

Sure, perhaps you set annual goals, but more times than not, I hear from my clients that they often get lost in the cloud or folks may check in every six months with their boss, leadership teams, etc.

But how are you supposed to make an impact on what you’re doing/ your focus/ your catch if you’re not consistently and continuously monitoring

for how you’re going to reach that goal?

This is not about how to create a smart goal. Rather, it is an opportunity to go beyond that- to just take a step back and think about how often are you truly taking action to bring something home- to put it in the net- to walk away proud? Isn’t that what happens when an athlete scores a goal? Scores a basket? They’re happy they’re proud.

Above all, they contributed to their team's success.

What will you put in the net next week?

If you have written goals, or KPI‘s pull those out and look at them. Block 30 minutes this week to re-evaluate where you are and what you need to get where you're going.

Remember having an idea or a vision that’s over arching is certainly important but what matters even more are the steps we take each day and each week to hit the net.

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