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Don't block the door...

Yesterday, I was sitting at my daughter's track meet at the end of the bleachers, as she does the High Jump event which is in one of the end zones of the football field.

It was a chilly April, grey day, and here I was sitting just minding my own business... as I hear a young female athlete say to her Dad, "Why won't you let me be a physical therapist? They are in high demand and they pay well. I took a career test and this is an area of interest for me." Or, something along those lines. And then, I proceed to hear her say in response to something her father must have said to her, "Why do you want to pay like $80K a year for me to go to law school? I don't want to be a CFO or an attorney and just sit in a cubicle all day. That sounds totally boring."

And, so I bring this up for a few reasons:

  1. It's not uncommon AT ALL for us to feel pressured into choosing a career based upon what our parent(s) wanted for us or our parent's own profession.

  2. Stereotypes still exist. The whole limiting mindset of you need to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant or teacher is abundant. Did you know that a Professional Organizer is not only a profession but there are national associations and certifications, too? This is just one small example.

A great tool I often refer job seekers to is the Here alone there are more than 923 occupations!!!

The point is this:

  • We each have instinctive ways we take action. Psst- you can learn yours by taking a Kolbe A index:

  • We all have unique interests and skills and these will evolve over time based upon perception, experience and personality.

  • We all have a different inner compass or set of core values- which drive all we do and the choices we make.

So whether you are a parent, student, executive, professional or you are reading this just because please- allow people to be themselves and above all- listen when someone is trying to articulate their career interests.

We each only have our one life to live, and to not use the talents and strengths you've been given is a disservice to those that really need what you have to give to this world!

So, please do not close the door before it even opens for yourself or anyone you care about. Otherwise, they will be left always wondering, wishing and potentially frustrated down the road in their career.

PS- If you or someone you know is feeling stuck, I offer 4 complimentary strategy sessions each week, but they book quickly. So, don't delay. Act now. Visit: to take one positive step forward in building the career you REALLY want and more than deserve!

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