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Do Your Best and Forget the Rest

Our daughters are kind of doomed. Both my husband and I grew up competing in various sports and well, I'm a type A personality- despite my best efforts to squelch it. 😊 We could be playing Banagrams at Family Fun Night (aka- family game night) and I will stretch my word to an acronym... which isn't technically allowed... or I've been known to play street hockey with my nephew, Mason, and go for it all.. no mercy... sometimes... on the 12 year old. 😊 So, let's just say- drive, competition, moving forward, reducing obstacles- this is what I have in my blood- not at the expense of ever being unkind or disrespectful- but it's an innate drive to always move forward, always do my best, always try. Our 3 daughters have been active participants over the years in various club sports, high school competitions and continuing into the collegiate level. And each time they have competed over the years, I have tried to give them a 'pre- competition' pep talk that is pretty simple... Do your best and forget the rest. Being nervous before a big competition, before a big class assignment, before a big presentation, before a big interview- it's all natural. But this is what you train for. This is what you work for. There will always be competition- in sports, in performances, in jobs, in organizations- you name it- it's there. However, it's all in your approach. Are you being a student of your trade, your job, your role, your organization each and every day? Are you practicing, reading, investing in yourself? When you work hard, focus, study your trade in preparation for the big event, competition, interview or organizational event- you are preparing yourself to do your best. We've all heard the adage: how you practice is how you play. The same holds true for our work. What we bring to our jobs each and every day affects our team members, their engagement, their output, your customers, clients, patients, etc....and above all, your profits. So, ask yourself- are you doing your best? Can you bring your best self to work each and every day? And if not, why not? What is standing in your way? Take some time this week to reflect on this, and if you feel stuck, we are happy to chat.

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