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Do You Care About Your Job Search?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Waiting is part of a job search but being reactive and waiting for the right job post to come along is not good, or as my sister likes to say- No Bueno!

I’ve helped thousands of job seekers who thought the best way to conduct a job search was to do quick-apply with any old resume.

While yes, the talent market is tight, your reputation matters every step of the way in the job search process. Punctuation matters, cover letters matter, and putting effort in matters. Being crystal clear on what you want helps you to exude confidence in every step of the process.

You need to care about your job search! A new job is not just going magically fall into your lap!

As a recruiter career coach, one of my very first questions in an interview, no matter what level what industry what job I’m interviewing for is, "tell me what peaked your interest in this role and what are you looking to do next in your career." I am continuously, amazed by the lack of clear responses to that question. If an interviewee gives a vague response to that initial question, then it usually leads to a downward spiral in the remainder of the interview process.

The very first thing you must do is become clear on who you are and what your offer is to any potential employer. Take some time to write that down this week, and if you’re still feeling stuck, I offer complementary strategy session as each week where we can work through it together!

Your future self well thank you!

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