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Career Coach or Job Coach- What's the Difference?

What's the difference between a job coach and a career coach?

I get that question a lot. I will speak with people and they will say "I don’t need a career coach. I’m happy in my career," but come to find they’re actually miserable in their current job. So, what do I do as a career coach? Well, I am an objective listener and guide who seeks and helps students, professionals, and executives understand what motivates and drives them, and how that aligns with their current job, current organization, and current career. We work together with intention to gain clarity on next steps in a current job or to find a new career.

How long does this take?

Another common question. The answer: it depends. It depends on a variety of factors, including the level of commitment a job seeker or professional has, how much time they devote to the process, and any barriers standing in their way.

Do you help job seekers with resumés and LinkedIn profiles?

Yes, we absolutely do that as they are essential tools to the process. No one format, especially for a resumé, is right for everyone.

So as a career coach, I often coach clients who want to stay in the same type of career or job. We work to really discern their unique selling and value proposition to help them reach their next destination. It does not need to be a totally different career. It might only be a change in organization.

If you have been unhappy in your current job or career for quite some time or thought about it at least three times in the last six months, you owe it to yourself to explore options. We offer complementary 15-minute strategy sessions each week. Or, you are welcome to check out our other services to help you get further faster.

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