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Blind Spots Cause Accidents

A few years ago, I was taking my daughters to school one morning on a back country road I drive often. I’ve driven this road hundreds of times. However, this time, I was not in my car, a minivan at the time. Instead, I was in my husband’s SUV, which had different blind spots based upon my height, the car build, etc. I came to a stop sign and thought I’d looked right, left, right again and started to pull out, only to have a car lay on the horn as I was about to hit him. Thankfully, my guardian angel was with me and my family that morning, as I had wrongly pulled right out in front of an oncoming car. The car and driver were simply in my blind spot. I had not seen him… at all.

I knew the road. I knew the intersection. I know how to drive.

What are you blind spots in your day to day interactions? You work with the same people most days- serving the same team, clients, etc.

But, what do you go about doing habitually each day at work- on your own, with your team, etc., not really aware of your own blind spots?

Sometimes, we just need another’s opinion or point of view to get out of what we’re stuck in.

Working with a difficult team member? How can you communicate differently?

Have a relentless client? How can you approach them in a way that will address their pain points?

Even though we know what we should do- listen, ask BETTER, more thoughtful questions, be patient, it’s not always quite that simple. Sometimes, we just cannot get out of our own way to see our blind spots.

This week, ask a co-worker, mentor, peer or boss to help you identify 1 of your blind spots, and 1 thing you can do differently.

Is it be truly present daily with a support team member, allowing them to ask questions?

Is it being vulnerable and asking someone you supervise, one way you could better support them?

You don’t have to allow your blind spots to become all encompassing.

If you have been struggling with meshing with your team and/or identifying those blinds pots, we should chat.

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