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Are You Contagious?

The leaders that are making an impact are truly contagious.

I have had the pleasure of coaching some amazing professionals and leaders over the last month. Whether they are working in a for-profit or nonprofit industry, it doesn’t really matter, but I can tell you that their behavior has a trickle-down effect on their teams that really good employees want.

In writing this, I really thought about what makes them contagious, and over the past month I’ve seen these six common traits:

  1. Authenticity. What you see is what you get. These leaders automatically build an inherent level of trust when they are real, genuine and authentic in their communication.

  2. Admitting Fault. These leaders are not afraid to admit when they make a wrong decision. As much as having routines is critical to success, we are not robots; we are humans. I love it when I coach individuals who recognize that maybe there was another alternative to their decision and then they share that learning with her team.

  3. Care. These individuals truly care about not only their personal and professional goals, but the goals and success of those around them.

  4. Recognizing Limits. Inevitably, when I get into coaching discussions with mid to senior level professionals and leaders, we can’t help but discuss the impacts of time and potential competing priorities on both their work lives and their home lives. Here again, their authenticity and recognition of not having superhuman powers all the time, allowing for a little grace and forgiveness of themselves, enables them to pause and consider other options.

  5. Listen. They often ask their teams: What do YOU think we should do next? This reinforces trust in their team’s ability as well as the authenticity factor.

  6. Act. I coach leaders with significant responsibility in organizations , so no decision can be taken lightly. The ramifications of certain decisions can have an enormous impact on not only their teams, but whomever they are serving. But when they’re stuck, moving things forward is better than coming to a stalemate.

They ask themselves: What is one thing I can do to move this forward?

It’s ok to want more for yourself as a leader or professional. It’s OK to be itchy and restless. If your organization doesn’t align with how you make decisions or handle change, then it might be time to reconsider.

Are you in the right spot for you? Are you where you need to be right now for your career and your family? Or, are you where you are out of guilt or loyalty?

Just because it was the right spot two years ago, five years ago, or ten years ago, doesn’t mean it’s the right spot now.

Remember this: To not use the gifts and talents you’ve been given is a disservice to those around you and those that your organization serves.

If you’ve been struggling in your current role and want to elevate your 'game', or perhaps better understand how else you could use your talents, you should schedule a strategy session here.

I hope you will choose to be contagious in a good way next week.

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