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Are you "All In?"

This past week, I attended a funeral of a family friend who was taken from this life far too early due to a car accident. Any life taken, especially too early from this life to the next is hard to comprehend.

At his funeral mass, the priest spoke about his wonderful qualities- about being a judgement free friend to anyone he met, giving more than receiving. And, one thing in particular stood out to me... the priest repeatedly told stories about how our friend was "All in" with everything he did. He didn't do things have way; instead- he was "all in" mostly "all the time."

Later this week, I started thinking about this concept of being "all in." I have the honor and privilege of coaching so many wonderful people and organizations. But, sometimes- when I'm working with individuals... they are not "all in" to whatever it is we're tackling: improving communication skills, building a better team, working hard to hold onto great employees, landing their new job, identifying other career paths, etc.

Without being "all in" to your goal, you will never achieve what you want. Half-in produces half the results... at best.

You want to build a better team? Be a better leader? You have to seize EVERY MOMENT as a coachable moment... not just occasionally focus on building rapport when you feel like it or occasionally noticing when your team does something great.

You want out of your current job and to land a new one because you're miserable? You have to work hard... like 15-22 hours a week to think, research, building a resume, network, make connections, apply, prepare for interviews, and on and on.

You must be 'all in' to get the results you want.

Juggling multiple goals is hard- no doubt. We all have a ton of things tugging at our time and attention. But, decide which of those things are what you really want, are really worth your time and are realistic. Flitting in and out- working an hour here or there toward your goal- will NOT yield the results you want.

So, this week... I ask you- are you 'all in' to that thing that's been on your mind and in your heart for some time?

If not, ask yourself why and what obstacles are standing your way of being 'all in.'

Got excuses? Check them with a friend.

I offer 4 complimentary strategy sessions a week. So, I'm happy to help you get 'unstuck' and become ' ALL IN' to build a better work life for you and the people you get to work with each and every day.

To learn more or schedule your strategy session, visit

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