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Your 'Break Line'

I was at my daughter's track meet yesterday. As I stood along the fence, I looked down and realized I was standing near the 'break line' at about the 100 meter mark. In track, the break line means runners are allowed at that point to cut to the inside of the track, as the closer you run to the inner part of the track, the less distance you run. Depending upon the event and number of runners, typically runners will cut in for instance on the 800 meter race (which is 2 laps around the track), meaning they can leave the pack of runners, push forward and cut in to the inside of the track.

Where is your break line?

  1. Are you feeling valued and appreciated in your work?

  2. Do you have the work/life fit or balance you desire?

  3. Do you have a mentor at work?

  4. Are your personal values honored at work?

Perhaps it's your time to 'cut in.'

Your career trajectory is just that- yours. It's your career, no one else's. Although each runner is sharing a track, running the same laps, they are each running their own race. They have each prepared differently- both physically and mentally.

So are you ready to own your next career move? If so, how will you 'cut in' and make it happen?

For those that have worked with me, you know I'm all about action and taking at least one productive step forward. So, this weekend, if you are at your break line and ready to cut in to that next step in your career but aren't exactly sure what that means, do this one thing. Grab a piece of paper, and write down what you have liked and disliked about your last 3 jobs.

Was it the environment?

Was it your boss?

Was it your work?

And next see if you can identify any patterns. From here, decide what 1 thing you will do differently next week.

Please don't ever allow yourself to come to a complete breaking point that affects your overall health and well-being. Instead, be proactive in managing your chance to cut in and drive forward toward your next career move.

After all, it's your career to own. No one else's. Only YOU can run your career journey.

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