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What's your "why"?

Lately, I've been working proactively with several clients (passive job seekers) who have jobs, but are looking for something better in their lives. They've come to want more in their lives than just any job. The underlying theme I'm seeing is that people want meaning in their work. They want to make a difference.

Gone are the days where we sit tight in the same organization for 10 - 20+ years. I'm certainly not suggesting you make job changes whimsically or every 1-2 years. No. That doesn't give a future employer any sense of commitment.

So, what is your why? My family is my drives each and every decision I make professionally and personally. From the day my daughter was born in 2002, it has driven every choice and path. But, my why isn't your why.

Why do you stay in the job you have? What value do you bring to the organization and its mission? What satisfaction do you receive from your work?

Did you know that over a lifetime, many people will work more an average of 83,200 hours (assuming we begin full-time work @ age 22- 62)? Many of us will work much more than that.

So, do you work to live or live to work? It doesn't matter where you are, but it does matter why you do it.

Is this you?

- You start to be bummed Sunday night thinking about the week ahead.

- You often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work.

- You get through each day, but not easily... as you keep watching the clock.

- Are you bored at work, feeling unchallenged and unfulfilled?

- Do you dread going to work and dealing with your boss?

You each have talents and have a choice as to where to best use them.

So, again I ask- what's your why? Why do you stay? Why don't you research other opportunities?

If you're feeling stuck and unsure where to start, reach out and schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation. Together, we can brainstorm 1-3 next steps you can take toward discovering "your why."

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