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What's holding you back?

Picture this: you have your running gear on, shirt, shorts, socks, shoes,maybe some tunes and your ear buds... and it's a gorgeous morning. You are ready to run. It's about 6:00 am and the sun is just barely peeking above the horizon. You walk down your driveway and start to turn left and begin to move your arms and legs, taking your first steps to launch into your morning jog. But despite the proper attire, shoes, etc., you aren't really going anywhere? Huh? That's right. It's as if someone is standing in front of you- holding your head as you lean forward in a running motion toward that person.

Now stay with me... have you ever felt like this in your job? It's as if you've done all the preparation, you're organized, you're ready to take on the day, and you seem to get no where... day after day... you think you're ready, but in the end- you didn't complete the 3 mile run; you essentially went no where.... despite all your preparation.

If you find yourself in this constant, similar type of state in your job, we should talk. Setting your alarm for the same time each morning, following the same routine each morning is easy. The hard part is getting where you need to go; where your heart and passion want to go. Comfortable is easy. Change is not.

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