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Wait it out...

Have you ever wanted a new job but thought you should just ‘wait it out?' Have you ever been focused on that next career step but thought you should just sit tight and ‘wait it out?’ That’s not to say there is not virtue in being patient and waiting, but what exactly are you waiting for?

  • The right spot to open up in your current organization?

  • Someone to leave the position you want?

  • Someone to retire?

  • Magic?

I tell my clients not to be wishful but to be real- so many times we sit and wait like we have all the indispensable time in the world. It’s a very childlike mindset when you think about it, but none of us know exactly where we will be 1 year from now. Sure you can have goals and aspirations but if you don’t take purposeful and intentional action each day and each week, how will you reach your goal or next position? Once again- this comes down to tolerance and time. How much tolerance do you have to sit and wait? What if things could be so much better in another role or organization? No one can or will drive your life agenda and your life purpose, except you. Stop waiting and start acting. If you are looking for intentional, actionable help, we are here to help and guide you toward your career goals. Learn more now -

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