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I have an interview! Yes! Yikes!

What is an interview... really?

A conversation.

A dialogue.

Meeting someone new.

This is all an interview is at its core. Yet, I've heard from many clients that the thought of an interview elicits fear, anxiety, worry and more. They are happy, but then become scared.

Why is that? We're all humans. Generally, people we meet for the first time are nice, right?

I do a lot of work with clients in helping them prepare for interviews- whether it be conducting a mock interview, helping them understand the types of questions they can expect, the SOAR method, providing concise vs. long-winded answers, etc.

I guess the trick is to ask yourself why- why are you anxious?

Is it because you don't know your brand, skills or strengths?

Is it because you are afraid you might say the wrong thing or talk too much?

Is it because you might not understand the question?

There are so many "what if's" in life, and in interviewing. So, here are a few tips to help you through an interview:

  1. Research. Learn what you can about the role, the company and the interviewer(s).

  2. Practice. Practice answers to the tough questions.

  3. Clear the clutter. By clutter, I'm referring to other distractions. Dedicate time to prepare. Remove distractions and make sure your designated interview spot in your home looks great on a video camera.

  4. Dress the part. Dress one level up from the folks with whom you're meeting.

  5. Speak with conviction. If you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect the interviewer to believe you can do the job at hand?

  6. Focus on them, not you. Carefully choose the details and examples to share that mean something to the interviewer, not to you.

  7. Be concise. More is less. Don't ramble on about unrelated details.

  8. Check for understanding.

  9. Ask for clarification if stumped.

  10. BE YOURSELF!!!

Employers want to hire the most suitable person for a role, the company and the clients or customers they serve.

The interview process is just part of the journey. Jot down things that stump you and talk with a friend or a coach.

Feeling stuck? Schedule a strategy session with Julie. Limited spots are available each week. Visit: to learn more.

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