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How To Identify Your Career Niche

For several people I had the honor of coaching this week, we were working on this very topic: what are your strengths, your career niche, or as I like to call it - your sweet spot.

Sweet spot, magic, mojo, strengths, whatever you want to call it - if we all knew what ours was off the top of our heads, I would be out of a job…

As I worked with my clients, we walked through a series of questions. So if you are feeling stuck and really want to know how to identify your career niche, you'll want to answer these three questions:

1) What do people come to you for?

For what things do you seem to be the go-to person? In your personal or professional life, what areas are you always asked for advice on?

Take note the next time someone asks for your advice on something.

2) When does time seem to fly by?

When does your work not feel like work? What are you doing? Are you working alone? Are you interacting with people?

Think about the parts of your day that fulfill you the most.

3) Where is your work recognized?

What do people tend to give you compliments on? Is it your listening skills? Is it your follow-through? Is it your creativity?

Track the areas you consistently get validation in.

Some of you reading this may have untapped strengths that you don’t even know about. So, spend some time thinking through these three questions. Ask three of your closest coworkers, friends, or family for their feedback.

How would they describe your strengths? What do they think you’re really good at?

And remember you can have multiple sweet spots through the course of your career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people have 12 jobs in a lifetime. Very few people have their whole life plan laid out and just when they do life happens.

So I ask you to think about what is next for you and spend some time thinking through these questions.

We all have innate talents or strengths, but our passions and strengths, certainly evolve over time along with our experiences.

Been wanting to level-up your career and think about your next career move? Looking for an objective perspective on your next career development steps?

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