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Competing Priorities

"I want it all." "I believe in myself." "I know I can do it."

I often hear these phrases from my talented clients and I am their biggest fan- whether it's an organization or an individual, I am coaching.

Competing priorities do not discriminate. It happens for everyone of all ages, all backgrounds, and all professions. The thing that often perplexes me when I'm coaching clients is that so often, my clients have competing priorities.

What does that mean? Well, there are only so many hours in the day. And often times, that competes with the work that people prefer to do and/or work that they value.

So what should you do?

Make a list of all the current commitments you have personally and professionally, no matter if you are reading this as an internal HR person or a professional who really wants a new career. What are all the things taking away your time? What are some possible solutions?

Competing priorities are like oil and water. They don’t go together. So I’d encourage you this weekend to take a step back and really ask yourself: what are my competing priorities? Once you discover what those are, think about one thing you could do to eliminate one of those unneeded priorities from your to-do list.

Do you need to partner with a recruiting resource? Do you need a career coach?

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of something, it takes an objective resource, guide or coach to help you gain clarity on what those next step should be.

We offer a complementary strategy sessions each week, and we would love to meet you!

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