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5 Interviewing Blunders That Won't Get You Results

My job as a career coach is to provide respectful, yet candid feedback for my clients so they can meet their goals.

As a coach, my job is to hold my clients accountable for getting where they want to go, and saving them time in the process. I help them rethink, readjust and change their mindset so that they can obtain that next job faster.

Over the past few weeks, I've been coaching quite a bit on getting past that telephone interview. I've heard, "I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong." So, in turn- I often conduct mock interviews with my clients and provide them real time feedback on their answers as well as offer suggestions on ways to enhance their value in that initial conversation with a prospective employer.

If you are struggling with this very aspect of your search, ask yourself after each interview the following questions:

  1. Was I energized from the start? Did I exude enthusiasm for the conversation, the role and the organization from "Hello?"

  2. Did I truly listen and engage in conversation or was I too busy planning out my response to the questions that I totally missed the mark of what they were asking or looking for?

  3. Did my answers provide valuable insight into how I could add value in the role and solve the organization's needs, i.e. fulfill this role?

  4. And this one may seem crazy... but it's true... did I curse, use slang and was I well-mannered? Did I exude humble confidence or was I a bit full of myself?

  5. Was I truly prepared? Did I do my homework and research not only the company's recent news, but also the folks I met with?

For #4, this was my personal experience this week with 2 candidates I was interviewing for open positions. In my head, I just wanted to say, "Really- did you really just use those words?" I don't know you and this is really the impression you want to make?? Needless to say, these candidates did not move forward in this hiring process.

Folks- interviewing is a dialogue and conversation. But, if you don't put your best foot forward- actually prepare and not just 'wing it', we all know- it's virtually impossible to make a great 2nd impression. While being yourself is important, if you want to represent a company in a future role, you've got to make an effort and put in the time.

Finding a job is hard work. It takes energy and it's time consuming. Successful job seekers spend @ 12-15 hours a week on their job search, have a specific plan, have all the right tools, and work their plan. Results don't happen by chance, and you can get results with the right focus and right plan.

Struggling? Schedule your 15 minute complimentary strategy session today!

I only have 4 spots per week, available on a first come, first serve basis. At worse, you will walk away with 3 things you can do reach your goal; at best- you will get a detailed plan and additional resources. The choice is up to you.

Remember- there are 3 kinds of people in this world:

- Those that watch things happen.

- Those that wish for things to happen.

- Those that make things happen.

Which are you?

To schedule your 15 minute complimentary strategy session, visit:

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