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Unleash it...

During the pandemic, like many people, our family took LOTS of walks. I mean 2-3 times a day, during which time we would take our then 5 year old black Labrador retriever mix (with German Shepherd) with us on those walks. Up until the pandemic, admittedly, our walks were spotty as we each tended to do our own thing, last of which was paying attention to who was walking the dog each day.

Then, enter… COVID… like I said- a lot of walks. However, prior to COVID- when we would walk Maia, our dog, we had trained her to mostly heal on her leash, although she did still tug a time or two. My husband then got the idea to further train her. So, each day, at some point during the walk, he allowed her to walk without a leash. Now mind you, the German Shepherd in her naturally barks at EVERY and I mean EVERY dog that passes by and she innately kind of wants to lunge at them 😊

So, not an easy feat. However, what we found was that by dedicating the time each day, walking her consistently, to the left of us on the road, using the same commands, she was amazing. Maia walked better ‘unleashed’ than she now does if we ever put her back on a leash. Odd? Well, not really. She learned that she walks now unleashed and stays right beside us, and if we pass another dog, she may start to growl, but she does not leave our side base upon the same commands.

Now, what does our dog walking have to do with your career? A few things:

  1. You are talented. In fact, you have amazing talents. You just have to ‘unleash’ them and give yourself permission to try something new, something different. Perhaps it’s just a new morning routine. It doesn’t have to be anything major.

  2. Carve out MORE time. Yes, more time. You can do it. You’ve got to carve out even 15 minutes more a day to focus on YOU, your career, and your next steps. If you don’t do this, no one will do it for you.

  3. You have to visualize what you want to have happen next in your career in a positive way. Don’t get all wrangled in the negative 'what if’s' if you make a change; instead, visualize just one positive step you will take this week and then do it. And then do this over and over each week.

You don’t need to be held back by your fears or whatever else that is holding you back. Allow yourself to unleash your talents in a new way- whether that be a completely new direction, a new job, or being brave enough to have a career development conversation in your current role with your current boss.

Feeling stuck? Let’s chat for 15 minutes. You can pick your time here now.

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