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3/19/24 - Lensa Insights -
Overcoming Layoff Guilt: How To Thrive When Surviving A Layoff

Julie was featured in this blog post on dealing with the emotional fallout that comes with being laid off - and how to bounce back.

2/16/23- The Power to be a More Successful YOU: Your Instincts, Natural Strengths and Path- Speaker Series 

Matt and Julie Shore share their passion for helping students find their best path and equipping them with the knowledge on how to truly align their skills, interests and goals to be on the right path to success.

9/7/2022- Career Coach Shares How to Nail an Interview

7/19/2022- Julie Shore was invited to CBS 21 to speak about the value of beginning the career journey in middle school and high school.  Read the full story HERE and view the news clip, too.
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