How We Serve Businesses

Individual Coaching & Team Development:

Businesses change. People change. Needs change. Sometimes individuals or teams need coaching and development.  We help employees grow and teams diffuse conflict and become more productive with our Kolbe Team Success Workshops, Role Alignment Coaching & Conflict Coaching. Knowing individuals' and team's strengths are half the battle of working more productively and efficiently, as well as communicating effectively. It doesn't have to be personal.  









Outplacement/Job Transition Services:

Sometimes a job is no longer a good fit.  Sometimes organizations have to downsize. 


No matter the reason, we are here to help coach, develop or transition employees through compassionate, caring and action-oriented job & career coaching. We provide one on one outplacement services as well as group workshops on topics such as resume preparation, networking, interviewing and best practices. We provide structure, compassionate guidance and accountability for faster results.


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