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What's on your plate?

A common concern I hear from the people I coach, employees I train and senior leaders I advise is, "I've got too much on my plate."

From keeping up with shifting organization-wide strategies to not having enough information to move forward on a project to changing team members or misaligned team members to ever-changing roles- top all of that off with a remote work team- many are getting more gray hairs by the day or just feeling plain, well- all over the place.

Assessing priorities is not a once and done type of thing. Many of us have:

- Team development priorities

- Day to day management priorities

- Leadership priorities

- Customer or client priorities

But how can everything be equally important ALL the time? It's simple. They cannot.

Each day, each week, each month - we all must reassess what's on our plates and our teams' plates to be successful.

What will have the greatest impact? What add the most value?

Assessing what's on your plate isn't just about what's on it, but it's also about empowerment to get rid of things that should not be on your plate, should be delegated or just be transferred out of your sphere of influence all together because it doesn't align with your team's or your department's overall KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Don't have KPIs? Well, start right there. Setting priorities is like a funnel. You start with the larger organizational KPIs and funnel them to your department and then to your individual team members.

Do you have a culture of accountability? Without it, it's often hard to set and manage priorities let alone see results.

Need help assessing and removing what's on your plate?

Need help identifying your strengths to help you get a "cleaner plate?"

I coach leaders and entrepreneurs to create impact and develop their strengths to help them achieve goals and support their teams to achieve their KPIs.

Happy to chat and hear what's on YOUR plate. A fresh set of ears (aka- me) are available on a limited basis weekly through my complimentary strategy sessions.

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