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Throwing Candy

Each Halloween, our family would love to attend a small local Halloween parade. One of the highlights was when the fire trucks would go by and throw candy to all the kids. The kids and sometimes parents would scramble from the sidewalks into the streets grabbing all the candy they could. They'd laugh, smile, and even share with their friends.

The parade was rather simple- a few local high school bands, some decorated cars and of course- the local fire trucks throwing their candy. But, each fall, it was an event we all looked forward to.


- It was a chance to gather with family and friends.

- It was a chance to break from our normal routines.

- For many, it was a chance to do something simple- and in some ways for us adults - to be a kid again.

For the many I've had the honor and pleasure to coach over the last 12 months on their career journey, I've hear a similar sentiment- they want to have those free, "kid like feelings" where they can really have fun at work again, do something different and do something that honor their values.

While COVID has of course had many devastating affects on many, the good that has come from it is many individuals reassessing what really matters to them in life and in their careers.

What does success really mean? What does it look like?

And who says you can't have your own definition of success?

What is success?

Is it climbing the corporate ladder and getting the corner office?

Is it earning a specific income, and having to work to support a certain lifestyle?

Is it doing work in which you can share your passion, your talents and your time- doing something you were meant to do?

Is it serving a greater mission with passion and yet still having flexible time to spend with your family and watch your kids' games, events, etc.?

No one knows this answer better than YOU! And there is no right or wrong answer here. However, I often coach individuals who have discovered- this continual 'itch' if you will- to do something different.

Life happens. COVID happened. We have experiences and our values may shift priorities at different phases in our lives. And, that's ok!

I believe each person reading this has wonderful talents to offer. The trick- is helping you to identify YOUR PASSION, and YOUR PRIORITIES... NOW... not then, but now.

I've helped hundreds of clients over the years be able to work their passion and live better lives.

Don't let fear or lack of understanding paralyze your from moving forward.

What is one step you can take this week to get closer to your next career move?

I have just 4 complimentary strategy sessions per week. I'm happy to listen and share a few ideas to get you started.

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