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Three Easy Career Development Habits

As we approach National Career Development week, here are three daily habits you can create so that you are focused on your career each and every week - not just the week ahead.

The problem:

For years, traditional views of career development have only looked upward - like climbing a ladder.

In reality, career progression is very much like a piece of lattice. You can move up or down, left or right. It’s not about the title anymore. It’s about the latitude - focusing on scope and playing to strengths.

The Solution:

We need to change our mindset. Instead of always looking up, we need to make sure our foundation is strong, that we have the strength to move around on the lattice.

How can we do that? We need to build healthy habits that will serve us in whatever stage of our personal career development we find ourselves in.

Here are three easy career development habits you can implement right now!

1) Wake up well:

Carve out the first 15 minutes of your day for yourself. Read something (maybe our blog!), listen to a podcast, find something of value to YOU.

Do not read your email. Do not jump in to the priorities of the day. This is super hard to do, but if you try to do it one day at a time, you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.

2) Journal your thoughts:

With the holidays approaching, ask for a journal. Many studies show that when you write down a goal or a thought, it comes to fruition much faster than just keeping it on your mind and weighing you down.

I myself had resisted journaling for a while, but have seen the benefits in my own life as I made it a habit.

3) Make networking casual:

Networking doesn't need to be exhausting, and it doesn't always need to be overly professional. Start casual!

Reach out to someone in your network. Schedule a coffee, or maybe schedule a phone call. Just reach out and say hello! Share an article you found interesting. Your career development is important, but it doesn't have to constantly be formal - that's not who we are.

Been wanting to level-up your career and think about your next career move? Looking for an objective perspective on your next career development steps?

Let's chat. You can schedule a call HERE now:

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