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Stop Throwing Spaghetti On the Walls

Have you ever seen a child not super happy about eating pasta start throwing it off their plate? It's messy. Perhaps it hits a cupboard or a wall if they have really great trajectory and strength, but then it will begin to slide and streak down the wall and create- well a mess.

To the parent, this is most likely frustrating. To a non- family member, it may be slightly funny. Two different angles, two different perspectives.

Regardless, I use this analogy with a job search.

When I begin to work with a career client, I will ask what they have done so far in their job search? And most of the time- what I hear is more or less a description of 'spaghetti being thrown at the wall.'

There are specific tools and methods to conducting a job search. And throw a potential career change in the mix, you have a whole lot to consider. While there is no one magical approach, there are specific ways you can most certainly increase your likelihood for success and traction in a job search.

Step 1: Assess your values. Whether changing careers or not, you've got to give yourself this time to figure out what you stand for.

Step 2: Understand and explore your interests, skills and innate way you take action.

Step 3: Research and document. See what jobs catch your attention and you feel that you are qualified for- at least 75-80% of the role. Oh, and you're excited and energized by it, too.

Step 4: Make sure you have all your tools in place- resume, LinkedIn profile, networking scripts, etc.

Step 5: Make a plan. Schedule time to work on your career exploration and job search. Otherwise, it won't happen.

Step 6: Track your progress. Hard copy notebook, project management tools or your calendar and tasks. Doesn't matter- it's YOUR job search.

Step 7: Know your USP. Being able to articulate in all your conversations and tools your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will help a potential new employer understand how you're the 'one' they should hire and how you can help them.

Seem like a daunting process? It does not have to be.

I offer complimentary strategy sessions- just 4 a week- and am happy to listen to where you are and where you'd like to go.

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