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Never Say Never...

It's 2021- Happy New Year!

How many times prior to the pandemic have you said to yourself, 'I will NEVER do x.?'

And... how many times have you defied that initial thought... once the pandemic hit?

For me, I'd said - I would never drive more than 10 minutes to a gym or to work out. And guess what- I did.

Why? Well because exercise is one of my core values; my core values are my compass. They drive everything I do.

My core values are faith, flexibility, family, balance and responsibility. So, this fell under my "balance" value. It's like my father used to always say, "Too much of anything isn't good, Jul. You've got to have balance." I try really hard to live by that- though my boundaries and balance are certainly challenged daily because I'm fortunate enough to love what I do and love my family as well. But, for me- exercise for instance- is the way I recharge my batteries and gain renewed focus so I can be constantly adding value to my clients. Sounds silly, but it's true.

So, during the pandemic and recent shutdowns- it wasn't quite so convenient. But, I did it because it was a core value to me.

The Secret Gift

The secret gift in me driving a bit further to work out was time. Time to think. Time to reflect. Time to recharge.

Another gift- it gave me the opportunity to block my calendar and focus on that one thing at that one time.

There is a country song by Alabama: I'm in a Hurry. Listen to the lyrics. It makes you take pause. Why do we rush? Why do we make our lives so jammed packed that it's no fun? Why do we do what we do- personally and professionally?

As we enter 2021, I challenge you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If you have said, "Never will I x., " really ask yourself, "Why not?"

  2. Do you know your top 5 values?

  3. Are you spending your time the way you want to? Or are you just going about your day without purposeful thought or action?

Take time this week to reflect upon these 3 questions.

While a job doesn't define you as as person, we do spend a heck of a lot of time each week and more than 88,000 hours in a lifetime in our careers.

Are you happy in yours?

If not, I encourage you to take a first positive step and do something about it.

Here is a link to my web-site to sign up for a free strategy session, or you may want to check out an upcoming class I have:

Never say never. You just might be surprised about the gift you receive.

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