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3 Ways To Explore Your Career Options (2023)

Choosing your next step can be overwhelming. However, try to use these strategies to help decide between your NEXT options.

With so many career options available today, it can be daunting to choose what to do next, even for professionals with experience. Notice I said next, and not forever…

Again I repeat the Bureau of Labor Statistics' study that says the average person will have 12 jobs in a lifetime. So, it may be helpful to just take the pressure off finding your "forever" job and focus on what's next.

If you're currently exploring your career options, these tools will help you find and decide between possible jobs.

1. Informational Interviews

Identify 2-3 people in the field you’re interested in and arrange to have a conversation with them to ask them about their career journey.

Here are a few sample questions to ask:

  • What are your daily responsibilities?

  • What experiences best prepared you for your role?

  • How can I break into this industry?

  • What would you change about how you found this job?

  • How often do you interact with other people?

  • Which of your coworkers compliments your role best?

2. Temporary work and Shadowing

The best way to learn about the organization you want to be a part of is by BEING there. Volunteer with the organization or take on a temporary assignment. Job shadowing is also a great tool no matter your age or where you are in determining a career.

This way, you get to experience the potential work culture on your own and not through testimonials.

3. Strength Assessments

Sometimes, you need to start from the basics - what are you interested in? Strength and interest assessments are a great place to start if you're not sure what career options match your goals.

This O*NET Career Interest Profiler has been continually helpful for my clients and me, and it's FREE!

We offer FREE career consultations with a certified career coach - you can click here to schedule yours now!

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