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Kolbe Certified TM

U.S. & Internationally

What is Kolbe exactly?
  • The Kolbe Program is a results-oriented system that provides methods and models that maximize the human potential through the use of time and energy.

  • It is valid and reliable.

  • It measures conation, an individual's instinctive problem-solving instincts.

It all starts with the

A index.

Why take the Kolbe A Index?

  • It provides immediately actionable guidance.

  • It does not discriminate based upon race, gender, etc.

  • It is based upon human instincts, not personality, and not learned behavior.

  • To improve communication, relationships and productivity at work.

  • Now, more than ever- with remote work, it's critical to prevent job burn out- for people to know their natural striving and problem-solving instincts.

How do I take the Kolbe A  Index?

  • The index takes @ 15-20 minutes.

  • You will receive your results immediately upon completion.

$55 (no coaching or interpretation)

$129 (includes a 30 minute one on one personal interpretation)

The Kolbe B  Index

The Kolbe B assesses an individual's self-perception of how they need to be or act in their job. This is a helpful tool that often reveals why people are burnt out or stressed at work.

The report compares an individual's Kolbe A result to their Kolbe B result.  This is most helpful with a coaching session to discuss and make an action plan to resolve the source of stress in one's job.

$45 (no coaching or interpretation)

$129 (includes a 30 minute one on one personal interpretation)




*The Kolbe C  Index

The Kolbe C is completed by the Supervisor, Boss or Evaluator.  It helps to define what is needed in a job. 

$45 (no coaching or interpretation)

***It is strongly recommended to speak with us prior to purchasing a Kolbe C index, as there are other tools that may be better suited to your particular needs.

The Kolbe Right Fit 

Hire with greater confidence. To learn more, download this handout now.

Other Kolbe Solutions:

  • Team Success Workshops

  • Role Alignment Coaching

  • Conflict Coaching

  • On-boarding & Assimilation Coaching

  • Working with remote teams

  • How to set up a remote workspace for maximum productivity

Who we've helped with Kolbe:

  • Teachers & Administrators
  • Boards of Directors

  • Hiring Managers

  • Small businesses

  • Departments and Teams

  • Career Transition Clients

Kolbe™ Solutions for Students & Parents:
We are also certified in the Kolbe Y index to help students and parents identify their child's natural way they learn and work best.


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