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Miriam B.

Executive Director, The Elderlaw Firm

Greensboro, NC

"Thanks so much for your work with our team on the Kolbe. I'm so looking forward to our work together maximizing efficiency & Skill.  Your contributions are a huge asset for our firm and our impact."

Debra S.

Harrisburg, PA Area

"Thank you for your good wishes, your guidance and never-ending encouragement and support. I commend you for your superior coaching ability and sensitivity. My new employer was impressed with the way my resume "looked" (thanks to you) so I can't imagine the caliber of resumes he had seen."

Steve P.

Co-Owner, Parthemore Funeral Homes

New Cumberland, PA

"We were losing a key employee whom we truly thought was irreplaceable. Being a small business, we have always hired through referrals and people approaching us.  We knew that would not work in this situation.  I had heard great things about Julie and reached out to her for help.  She guided us through the whole process.  She sat down with us to discover exactly the type of person we were looking for.  She advertised the position.  She screened the applicants.  When the field was narrowed down, she joined us for the interviews.  She even provided us with appropriate questions for the interviews.  I thought it was unusual at first, but discovered that Julie’s pre-prepared questions kept us consistent and on track.  When we felt we were ready to make an offer, Julie suggested a background check.  We ended up with an amazing staff member that feels like part of our family. 

Julie, thanks for all you have done for us.  We are fortunate to have had your help."

Dan B.

Executive Director, Carolina Family Estate Planning, Cary, NC

"Working with Julie Shore has made our law firm a better place to work.  

Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the fact that "Human Resources" intentionally uses those two words: humans, who understand and respect each other, who are resources within the company, responsible for making the highest and best use of their own unique skills for the greater good that a business brings into the world.

The Kolbe is an objective tool to help teams work together and make the best use of individual members' unique abilities. But if you really want to get the most value out of the Kolbe, you need to work with an outside professional who can cut through your built-in biases and possible misinterpretation of the results.

Julie Shore brings to the table a deep understanding of the Kolbe conative evaluation system and a rich work experience, both at the enterprise and small business level. She is organized, methodical, and insightful, and she has helped all our team members recognize our blind spots and biases, and, most importantly, each team member's intrinsic worth. Through our workshop with Julie, our team learned to "speak Kolbe," recognizing how each team member was applying his or her natural tendency to each new situation. Her support with using the Kolbe during recruiting and hiring, and in management before and after the workshop, has been invaluable in identifying new opportunities and addressing difficult challenges and hard decisions. In short, Julie has helped us understand one another better and work better together as a team."

Faiza C.

Executive Director, O'Connell Law, Natick, MA

"Prior to working with Julie, I had not heard of Kolbe. I was impressed from the onset of meeting her due to her knowledge of Kolbe and how kind she was! She did an excellent job explaining Kolbe and was able to provide me with real life scenarios and examples of each Kolbe instinct which was extremely helpful.


It was obvious that Julie has a wonderful passion for what she does and was also lovely to work with. Consequently, I had Julie do a Kolbe workshop for our firm where the other employees had to first take the Kolbe followed with Julie providing us coaching as a team.  Of course, Julie is extremely knowledgeable in Kolbe but she is also extremely genuine and approachable. Her talent for coaching and  her compassion is clear because it is very easy to connect with her and ask questions.  After the workshop, the entire team came away feeling like they had a strong understanding of how we each worked and how this will help our work flow.


Kolbe and Julie Shore has had a huge impact on our firm! We have used Kolbe during the hiring process and now have two wonderful new employees.  The team likes that they understand each other better by knowing how each individual works.  And we further implemented Kolbe by reassigning team member tasks to the individual who has the natural instinct for the task.  As a whole, the firm is now operating in a much more efficient manner and I only see us continue to improve and grow.   


Working with Julie was one of the best decisions I made because of the incredible positive change it brought to our workplace.  And I am confident that anyone who has worked with her or will work with her, shares this same sentiment."


Kate J.

York, PA

“Julie truly cares about her clients and their success, personally and professionally - so much so that she even called me during her vacation to check in before my first interview.  Meeting with Julie not only eased my stress and anxiety around changing careers, but gave me the confidence in myself and my skills to get out there and take interviews.” 

Lori R.

Harrisburg, PA

“Julie's Career Transition Guide has been a great resource to me when helping others through employment transitions.  It is more than a resume writing guide.  I strongly recommend it to individuals seeking employment or a new career and HR professionals or job coaches who help others through career transitions.”

Michele P.

Hummelstown, PA

“I worked with Julie after relocating from New Jersey for my husband's job. I came to her for assistance in not only finding a job, but also finding a new career. She helped me to focus my efforts on figuring out what I wanted to do next and also edited my resume and cover letter to aide in my search. After working with Julie, I feel confident in taking the next steps in finding a career I love!”

Tracy S.

Harrisburg, PA

“I was fortunate enough to have Julie Shore as my career coach/consultant when my company decided to downsize and I lost my job. At the first meeting, Julie allowed me to vent and nurse my wounds. She quickly had my turned around and heading in a positive direction. Julie gave me some exercises to work on outside of our meetings that helped me see my strengths. I needed this knowledge for my interviews, which helped me to be more confident. Julie was my cheerleader to keep me moving forward. She helped me instill confidence in myself which I never knew I had before. I highly recommend anyone who is making a career change or thinking about a career change to take advantage of all that Julie has to offer. I am grateful for my experience and hope to use what I learned in the years ahead!” 

Carol P.

Washington, D.C. Metro Area

"The help you gave me with resumes and interview prep was a big part of this, and so I wanted to let you know this result and say thanks for all your help."

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