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Upcoming Events
Wed, Feb 12
Zoom Video Conference- Virtual Event
Switching Gears- How to Begin the Career Exploration Process
Feel stuck in your current job? Don't feel like you're spending your 160 hours a month working, doing something your passionate about? Join us for this webinar to learn how to begin to the career exploration process.
Wed, Jan 08
Zoom Webcast- Virtual Event
5 Secrets to Landing Your Next Job in 2020!
Just have that "gut feeling" you aren't in the right job? Is this one of your near year's resolutions? If so, I'd be honored to help you jump start your search! Let me help you across that bridge! Take one purposeful step now to be proactive and learn the 5 Secrets to Landing the Right Job for You!

Career Coaching for Individuals

Not sure what you want to do next?  Feel like you need a change, but you're comfortable where you are?  Not sure what your next steps should be?  No matter if you are a high school student or recent college graduate trying to figure out your career path, a Mom or Dad who has taken a break from the traditional work/career journey or you are at the mid-career level and have been feeling like you want to do something different, but you're not sure what or how... I'm happy to chat.  There is no one right path. We each have our own unique steps, story and journey.